System values

Para cuando no se tenga acceso a la se11

SY-INDEX Number of loop passes
SY-PAGNO Runtime: Current page in list
SY-TABIX Runtime: Current line of an internal table
SY-TFILL Current number of entries in internal table
SY-TLOPC Internal use
SY-TMAXL Maximum number of entries in internal table
SY-TOCCU OCCURS parameter with internal tables
SY-TTABC Number of line last read in an internal table
SY-TSTIS Internal use
SY-TTABI Offset of internal table in roll area
SY-DBCNT Number of elements in edited dataset with DB operations
SY-FDPOS Location of a string
SY-COLNO Current column during list creation
SY-LINCT Number of list lines
SY-LINNO Current line for list creation
SY-LINSZ Line size of list
SY-PAGCT Page size of list from REPORT statement
SY-MACOL Number of columns from SET MARGIN
SY-MAROW No. of lines from SET MARGIN statement
SY-TLENG Line width of an internal table
SY-SFOFF Internal use
SY-WILLI Number of current window line
SY-LILLI Number of current list line
SY-SUBRC Return value after specific ABAP/4 statements
SY-FLENG Internal use (field length)
SY-CUCOL Cursor position (column)
SY-CUROW Cursor position (line)
SY-LSIND Number of secondary list
SY-LISTI Number of current list line
SY-STEPL Number of LOOP line at screen step
SY-TPAGI Flag indicating roll-out of internal table to paging area
SY-WINX1 Window coordinate (column left)
SY-WINY1 Window coordinate (line left)
SY-WINX2 Window coordinate (column right)
SY-WINY2 Window coordinate (line right)
SY-WINCO Cursor position in window (column)
SY-WINRO Cursor position in window (line)
SY-WINDI Index of current window line
SY-SROWS Lines on screen
SY-SCOLS Columns on screen
SY-LOOPC Number of LOOP lines at screen step loop
SY-FOLEN Internal use (field output length)
SY-FODEC Internal use (field decimal places)
SY-TZONE Time difference from ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ (UTC) in seconds
SY-DAYST Summertime active ? (‘daylight saving time’)
SY-FTYPE Internal use (field type)
SY-APPLI SAP applications
SY-FDAYW Factory calendar weekday
SY-CCURS Rate specification/result field (CURRENCY CONVERT)
SY-CCURT Table rate from currency conversion
SY-DEBUG Internal use
SY-CTYPE Exchange rate type ‘M’,’B’,’G’ from CURRENCY CONVERSION
SY-INPUT Internal use
SY-LANGU SAP logon language key
SY-MODNO Number of alternative modi
SY-BATCH Background active (X)
SY-BINPT Batch input active (X)
SY-CALLD CALL mode active (X)
SY-DYNNR Number of current screen
SY-DYNGR Screen group of current screen
SY-NEWPA Internal use
SY-PRI40 Internal use
SY-RSTRT Internal use
SY-WTITL Standard page header indicator
SY-CPAGE Current page number
SY-DBNAM Logical database for ABAP/4 program
SY-MANDT Client number from SAP logon
SY-PREFX ABAP/4 prefix for background jobs
SY-FMKEY Current function code menu
SY-PEXPI Print: Spool retention period
SY-PRINI Internal use
SY-PRIMM Print: Print immediately
SY-PRREL Print: Delete after printing
SY-PLAYO Internal use
SY-PRBIG Print: Selection cover sheet
SY-PLAYP Internal use
SY-PRNEW Print: New spool request (list)
SY-PRLOG Internal use
SY-PDEST Print: Output device
SY-PLIST Print: Name of spool request (list name)
SY-PAUTH Internal use
SY-PRDSN Print: Name of spool dataset
SY-PNWPA Internal use
SY-CALLR Print: ID for print dialog function
SY-REPI2 Internal use
SY-RTITL Print: Report title of program to be printed
SY-PRREC Print: Recipient
SY-PRTXT Print: Text for cover sheet
SY-PRABT Print: Department on cover sheet
SY-LPASS Internal use
SY-NRPAG Internal use
SY-PAART Print: Format
SY-PRCOP Print: Number of copies
SY-BATZS Background SUBMIT: Immediately
SY-BSPLD Background SUBMIT: List output to spool
SY-BREP4 Background SUBMIT: Root name of request report
SY-BATZO Background SUBMIT: Once
SY-BATZD Background SUBMIT: Daily
SY-BATZW Background SUBMIT: Weekly
SY-BATZM Background SUBMIT: Monthly
SY-CTABL Exchange rate table from currency conversion
SY-DBSY-S System: Database system
SY-DCSY-S System: Dialog system
SY-MACDB Program: Name of file for matchcode access
SY-SY-SID System: SAP system ID
SY-OPSY-S System: Operating system
SY-PFKEY Runtime: Current F key status
SY-SAPRL System: SAP Release
SY-TCODE Session: Current transaction code
SY-UCOMM Interact.: Command field function entry
SY-CFWAE Internal use
SY-CHWAE Internal use
SY-SPONO Runtime: Spool number for list output
SY-SPONR Runtime: Spool number from TRANSFER statement
SY-WAERS T001: Company code currency after reading B segment
SY-CDATE Date of rate from currency conversion
SY-DATUM system: Date
SY-SLSET Name of selection set
SY-SUBTY ABAP/4: Call type for SUBMIT
SY-SUBCS Internal: CALL status of program
SY-GROUP Internal: Bundling
SY-UZEIT system: Time
SY-DSNAM Runtime: Name of dataset for spool output
SY-REPID Program: Name of ABAP/4 program
SY-TABID Internal use
SY-TFDSN Runtime: Dataset for data extracts
SY-UNAME Session: SAP user from SAP logon
SY-LSTAT Interact.: Status information for each list level
SY-ABCDE Constant: Alphabet (A,B,C,…)
SY-MARKY Current line character for MARK
SY-SFNAM No longer used
SY-TNAME Name of internal table after an access
SY-MSGLI Interact.: Message line (line 23)
SY-TITLE Title of ABAP/4 program
SY-ENTRY Internal use
SY-LISEL Interact.: Selected line
SY-ULINE Constant: Underline (———…)
SY-XCODE Extended command field
SY-CPROG Runtime: Main program
SY-XPROG Internal use (system-EXIT program)
SY-XFORM Internal use (system-EXIT form)
SY-LDBPG Program: ABAP/4 database program for SY–DBNAM
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-TVAR Runtime: Text variable for ABAP/4 text elements
SY-MSGTY Message type (E,I.W,…)
SY-MSGNO Message number
SY-MSGV Message variable
SY-MSGV Message variable
SY-MSGV Message variable
SY-MSGV Message variable
SY-ONCOM Internal: ON COMMIT flag
SY-VLINE Constant: Vertical bar
SY-WINSL Interact.: Selected window line
SY-STACO Interact.: List displayed from column
SY-STARO Interact.: Page displayd from line
SY-DATAR Flag: Data received
SY-STLOCDB Local database exists
SY-STLOCOP Local database operation
SY-STDATLO Local date for user
SY-STTIMLO Local time for user
SY-STTSTLO Timestamp (date and time) for user
SY-STZONLO Time zone of user
SY-STDATUT Global date related to UTC (GMT)
SY-STTIMUT Global time related to UTC (GMT)
SY-STTSTUT Timestamp (date and time) related to UTC (GMT)


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