Costos de PS

Es algo bastante típico que te pidan reportes de PS usando costos, reales, comprometidos, etc.

Resumiendo todo dato real, comprometido y presupuesto esta en la COSP y RPSCO (resumen de COSP)

A estas tablas hay que acceder por el OBJNR del elemento imputado:

Si es un grafo -> AUFK-OBJNR

Si es una operación -> AFVC-OBJNR (se ingresa por hoja de ruta que la podemos tomar de la CAUFV con el Número de grafo)

Textos en inglés que me ayudaron a resolver el tema:

The actual,budget and commitment values are stored in the one table COSP.
The values differentiate with field VRGNG – "CO Business Transaction".
If the record has in this field text ‘COIN‘ it means that values are "actual".
For example:
OBJNR PR00000101
GJAHR 2005
KSTAR 101101
WTG001 100,00
WTG002 200,00

It means that the element PR0000101 has the ‘actual’ operations refering
the cost element 101101, with values: 100,00 USD in january 2005 and
200,00 USD in february 2005.
The next row in the table COSP, clould look like this:
OBJNR PR00000101
GJAHR 2005
KSTAR 101101
WTG001 100,00
WTG002 0,00

This means that there was a ‘Purchase requisition’ in january 2005
with decretation on object PR0000101.
And the next row, could be:
OBJNR PR00000101
GJAHR 2005
KSTAR 101101
WTG001 0,00
WTG002 150,00
And that means that in february 2005 there was a ‘Purchase order’
with value 150,00 USD decretated on this object.


RMBA is the "Purchase Requisition" (created in transaction ME51n)
RMBE is the "Purchase Order" (created in transaction ME21n).
But both of these operations sum into commitment.
RKP1 stands for "Plan", but depending on configuration,
one of plan’s versions can be the budget.
For example you can say, that plan in version 0 is the budget.
The best it would be, if you perform the check on your system:
1. Choose one order that you know it has represetaives data in your raport s_alr…
2. Open table AUFK, and write down the ‘object number’- field OBJNR.
3. Open table COSP, and select data for OBJNR, that you recived in previous step.
4. Check what values do you have in the field VRGNG.



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